Water Resistance Canvas Tarpaulin 21OZ Dark Green

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Water Resistance Canvas Tarpaulin 21OZ Dark Green

covers are produced using filled single duck cotton. Such heavyweight sheets, imported from India, are 15 oz before fixing, bringing about a strong finished heap of 21oz/710gsm after treatment.

Such durable canvas covers, a tasteless military green in shadow, give premium insurance against scratched field and penetrates while staying breathable. The rust-confirmation metal eyelets are set at 2 ft ranges to ensure the tabs. Single-sewed trims and wrinkles. Made from a trademark surface, these covers are breathable; in any case, a unimportant proportion of shrinkage can happen where canvas covers are obligated to varying temperatures. Our generous canvas covers are wax-fixed to make them water-safe; they will require re-remunerating after the introduction to water, to keep up their protected properties


Water-safe heavyweight canvas – decay sealed and wax handled
Single-sewed stitches and creases
Heavyweight 21oz material when sealed
Created to completed size – fabricating resilience max. 5cm
Metal eyelets at 2ft stretches in strengthened tabs

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