Heavy Duty 200gsm Waterproof Green Tarpaulin

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Heavy Duty 200gsm Waterproof Green Tarpaulin

The edges are sewed with twofold material for required consistency and solidness, and all corners and edges are fortified flexibly. You may clasp or tie the Tarpaulin at each corner and around the edges without a very remarkable stretch, utilizing the metal eyelets. Different sizes are available to coordinate your needs.

The strong stone canvas is appropriate for a scope of employments, including indoor and open air picnics, outside fishing pets – safe indoor surfaces or the vehicle inside Safe inside the vehicle when moving stuff to the waste accentuation DIY – safe surfaces when improving protecting external segments – garden furniture, log stores and that is only a hint of something larger.


  1. covered on the two sides
  2. waterproof balanced out and sturdy
  3. launderable
  4. UV balanced out
  5. shape safe
  6. groundwater impartial
  7. metal eyelets at each corner and along edges

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