250gsm Green And Brown UV Protected Tarpaulin

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250gsm Green And Brown UV Protected Tarpaulin

Our Green/Brown Tarpaulins steer the 250gsm results. These solid coatings are heavyweight however simple to deal with and offer a moderate decision for Canvas or PVC

The Green/Brown Heavy Duty covers have a tight 14-section count, 3 percent UV inhibitor, and 50 cm range aluminum 12 mm aluminum eyelets (note 8 mm are bound corner eyelets). An unsavory and exceptional canvas blending great in with an outside setting, the concealing arrangement makes this range the ideal spread outside. Notable for use as spreading log store, groundsheet, and applications in the nursery.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Intense spec 14 x 14 weave check
  3. 250 gsm
  4. Rotproof and Shrinkproof
  5. 1-year restricted guarantee against UV disappointment
  6. Aluminum eyelets each 50cm on every one of the 4 sides

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