18OZ Eyelets Waterproof Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulin

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18OZ Eyelets Waterproof Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulin 

Cotton canvas covering tan 180z water-safe decay sealed. A standard style 100% cotton canvas covering created utilizing single filled cotton duck. These canvases are imported from India and are wax arranged to make them water safe. Wrinkles and fixes are single-sewed, and metal eyelets are scattered at 2ft ranges (60cms) in strengthened tabs. The substantialness of the fixed canvas is 18oz or approx. 610gsm. Such rough covers, produced using a trademark texture, are breathable; in any case, it would be ideal if you remember that a little shrinkage measure can happen where the canvas can be presented to fluctuating temperatures. Upon introduction to water, canvas covers may require re-fulfilling, so as to protect their sound properties.
Features :
Water-safe heavyweight canvas
Metal eyelets at 2ft spans in reinforcing tabs
Creases and sews single-sewed
Decay sealed and wax handled to make them water-safe
10oz material/18oz when sealed
Sealed and un-sealed material without eyelets and sews accessible on a move, size 1.8m x 24m

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